Torpedo Name Description Yield in MT TNT Yield in Isotons Damage in GameUnits
Fission Torpedo A fission torpedo, also known as an atomic bomb, is an explosive body in which uranium or plutonium is split by a chain reaction.

In the atmosphere, it causes a strong air blast that can destroy entire cities. In space, its effect is limited on radiation and debris and causes only minor damage.

0,01 to 1,00 0,1 to 1 10 to 100
Fusion Torpedo A fusion torpedo, also known as a hydrogen bomb, generates a thermonuclear reaction through the fusion of deuterium, tritium, or lithium. In the atmosphere, it causes a strong air blast that can destroy entire cities. In space, damage is caused by radiation and EMP. The explosive power is theoretically unlimited, but big bombs are not very manoeuvrable. 1,00 to 100 1 to 40 100 to 500
Photonic Torpedo A photonic torpedo is the precursor of the photon torpedo. He owns a small antimatter explosive device. The damage is mainly due to radiation and debris. 1,00 to 100 1 to 40 100 to 500
Photon Torpedo A photon torpedo is a torpedo with a matter / antimatter detonator and a mixing chamber to enhance its effect. Starfleet photon torpedoes can be loaded with up to 1.5 kg of antimatter. They have their own propulsion and can fly warp speed when fired at Warp. 10 to 200 10 to 200 200 to 1500
Tricobalt Device A Tricobalt device is an antimatter explosive device in which the mixing chamber is surrounded by Tricobalt. The tricobalt is a substance that converts part of the gamma radiation of the antimatter reaction into subspace fields. The blasting effect is variable adjustable. It is very effective against unprotected objects and destroys them completely. The disadvantage is the formation of subspace cracks by the explosion. 50 to 1000 20 to 1000 1000 to 3000
Plasma Torpedo The Plasmatorpedo was developed in the 2260s by the Romulans. In a spherical energy field high-energy plasma is trapped and fired at the enemy. The explosive force of the plasma torpedo is lower than that of antimatter weapons. However, the plasma is able to penetrate armors and can alter the internal structure of alloys to destroy the outer hull of ships. 10 to 50 10 to 100 1000 to 2000
Quantum Torpedo The Quantum Torpedo is an invention of Starfleet from the 2350s. An antimatter explosion is used to generate an eleven-dimensional quantum filament. Upon decay, this filament creates a strong explosion of exotic particles. Overall, the decay releases more energy than was needed to generate, since some of the energy is removed from the local subspace continuum. 100 to 1000 20 to 400 500 to 4000
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